• Guided Fly Fishing Taranaki provides professional expert guided fly fishing services in the

    Taranaki region of New Zealand and beyond.

    Net resistant big brown trout leaping in Taranaki river, New Zealand fly fishing guide Adam Priest

    Guided Fly Fishing Taranaki caters for all levels of anglers, from beginners to expert, and adheres to an audited Health and Safety plan.


    Your qualified guide is Adam Priest. He has over 28 years fly fishing experience and over 13 years guiding experience in the tourism industry.


    Adam is Taranaki's only fully inducted New Zealand Professional Fishing Guide Association member.



    Experience the superb, unpressured and uncrowded trout fishery of the beautiful Taranaki region!


    Taking bookings for the 2018/19 fishing season (1st of October to 30th of April) now.

    Contact Details


    Adam Priest

    Phone: 027 503 8335 or +64 27 503 8335 (if calling from overseas)

    Please make contact via email from the 11th of September to the 20th of October

    Email: flyfishtaranaki@gmail.com

    Wayne Sanderson brings a solid Taranaki rainbow to the net

    Client comments


    "Great fish!, great guide!"

    Ken Holland, California, USA.


    "We had a wonderful time visiting with you and look forward to a return trip someday. I really appreciated your guidance on this trip. It was really fun."

    William L Winters, Texas, USA.


    "My day fishing, with Adam, in the Taranaki region was one of the best fishing days in my life. Adam was very particular with the integrity of my line, changing flies often, until the right one would deliver.

    Above all the fish did not seem to have been under a lot of pressure previously... I'll be back"

    Gerard Gervaise, QLD, Australia- 27/01/2018

    Gerard Gervaise with a nice 5.5lb small stream Taranaki brown



  • Fly Fishing and the Taranaki Region

    Nice fish hooked by Taranaki fly fishing guide Adam Priest

    Fly Fishing Taranaki, New Zealand

    Taranaki's unpressured fly fishing opportunities

    The Taranaki region offers excellent fly fishing for trout, with more than 40 small to medium sized streams and rivers that originate from Egmont National Park to choose from.


    Many more rivers in this region originate from Tongariro National Park.


    Guided fly fishing Taranaki is based, but not limited to the region of Taranaki. We operate out of Oakura, close to the city of New Plymouth, so most guided day trips focus on the rivers in the Taranaki ringplain.


    Clear trout waters under dormant volcano Mount Taranaki

    Trout waters straight off the majestic Mount Taranaki


    These rivers and streams offer excellent sight fishing for both brown and rainbow trout, though brown trout are more abundant. Average trout size in Taranaki is about 1.5kg, though there are many larger fish up to 4.5kg.


    Fishing in Taranaki offers a very scenic experience with a mix of native trees, lush green pastures, birdlife and the beautiful cone shaped Mount Taranaki as a stunning backdrop to your day out.


    This region does not experience as much angling pressure as many other regions in New Zealand, meaning fish can be less spooky and easier to catch!


    Guided Fly Fishing Taranaki practises and promotes catch and release fishing for sustainable fisheries.


    Adam also guides in the Waikato region, central north island(Taupo region) and on the Tongariro river.

    Guided fly fishing, Taranaki New Zealand

    Activities for non-fishing partners in Taranaki

    Lots to see and do!

    There are many activities and attractions in this region.

    Gardens including the world famous Pukeiti Gardens (rhododendrons and native plants and trees) and Pukekura Park.

    Puke Ariki museum.

    Art galleries in New Plymouth including the highly acclaimed Len Lye and Govett Brewster gallery.

    Many cafes, restaurants and shops in New Plymouth.

    Quality hikes in the beautiful Egmont National Park.

    Foreshore walk in New Plymouth.

    Many safe patrolled swimming beaches with surprisingly warm water in the summer months (wetsuits not needed).

    Excellent surf breaks.

    Womad Festival in march.

    Taranaki arts trail.

    Good salt water fishing.

    Many golf courses.

    Clear waters of the Taranaki ringplain.

    Fly fishing equipment Provided

    Your guide will provide the following equipment

    * Quality rods (you can use your own if you prefer)

    * Quality reels

    * Lines

    * Flies

    * Leaders

    * Tippit

    * Gravel guards

    * Suncream

    * All tackle


    Nice bend on rod with Mount Taranaki in background

    Other equipment needed

    You will need to provide the following equipment

    * Waders early and late season (October and April)


    * Sturdy pair of boots (Kiwis usually wet wade from November to April). At the height of summer rocks in Taranaki rivers can become slippery with algae so a good pair of non-felt soled boots is essential.


    * Recommended clothing: merino/polypropelene thermals as a base layer, quick dry shorts or long pants, quick dry shirt and fleece jumper, waterproof shell jacket. All these items of clothing are recommended to carry on a day's fishing as Taranaki's weather can be very changeable.


    * Polaroid sunglasses

    * Hat

    * You can use all your own fishing equipment if you wish.

    * Drink bottle

  • Tongariro river and Taupo Region

    Great Lake Taupo is the second largest lake in Oceania and since the release of trout in the late 1800s the lake and its tributaries has proven itself as one of the best trout fisheries in the world.

    Lake Taupo's major tributary the mighty Tongariro river has attracted anglers from all over the world for many years.

    Whether its to fish for the resident fish during the summer months or to fish for spawning run fish in the winter months the fishing is excellent and much of the river is open year round.

    For more information on the Tongariro river and Taupo region and guided options and rates please click on photo below or link above.

    Taupo, Tongariro, Taranaki fly fishing guide Adam Priest displays a solid central north island rainbow trout.

    Guided options available in the Waikato and Taupo Regions


    About Guide











    Adam grew up fly fishing the rivers, streams and lakes of Taranaki and New Zealand, where he developed a passion for this recreation and a keen interest in ecology.


    Over the years Adam has been employed in many guiding roles within the tourism industry.

    These roles include professional heli-fly fishing guide for the famous Cedar Lodge ( Makarora NZ), Guide for extended camel treks (central and southern Australia) and Interpretive Whale Watching Guide ( Head of Bight, South Australia).


    More recently Adam has been employed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (South Australia) as a Adventure Caving Guide and Interpretive Officer.


    Through his experiences Adam has developed a detailed knowledge of the natural world around him.

    He possesses an intricate understanding of seasons, geographical and ecological factors crucial for planning successful days of fly fishing on the river or lake.


    Adam takes his role as guide seriously and is dedicated to maximizing your angling experience. Although based in Taranaki, Adam is very knowledgeable about nearly all trout fishing areas of New Zealand.


    Adam has other hobbies, which include salt water fly fishing, fly tying, snow skiing and surfing.














  • Rates, Options


    2018-2019 Season Taranaki region


    Half Day 7.30am to 12.30 (flexibility possible)

    * NZ$400.00 1 angler

    * NZ$430.00 2 anglers


    Price includes:


    Pick up and drop off at accommodation


    Light snack, juice, tea and coffee

    Equipment, ie rod, reel, line, tippit, flies etc

    Environmental interpretation

    Cultural interpretation

    Digital photos available if requested

    Casting instruction


    Full Day 7.30am to 5pm (Some flexibility possible)

    * NZ$600.00 1 angler

    * NZ$650.00 2 anglers


    Price includes:


    Pick up and drop off at accommodation


    Lunch, light snack, juice, tea and coffee

    Equipment ie rod, reel, line, tippit, flies etc

    Environmental interpretation

    Cultural interpretation

    Digital photos available if requested

    Casting instruction


    Multi-Day Options


    Two Full Days

    *NZ$1150 for 1 or 2 anglers


    Three Full Days

    *NZ$1700 for 1 or 2 anglers


    Taranaki, Taupo link package

    *NZ$1600 for 1 or 2 anglers


    Price includes


    Pick up and drop off at either Taupo, Turangi or Taranaki accomodation

    Full Day on a Lake Taupo tributary

    Half Day on a south Waikato river

    Full Day on a Taranaki river

    Note- This package can start in either the Taranaki or Taupo regions but is not a return trip. It is a good way to get around and see some different parts of the country. Return guided trips can be arranged at extra cost.



    Learn to fly fish half day package 7.30-1200 (flexibility possible)

    *NZ$400.00 for up to 3 anglers


    Price includes:


    Pick up and drop off at accommodation

    Light snack, juice, tea and coffee

    All fishing equipment provided

    Learn to set up equipment and tie knots

    Casting instruction

    Introduction to lake or river fly fishing

    Education in NZ fly fishing etiquette


    Learn to fly fish one and a half day package


    *From NZ$900 for up to 3 anglers (add on and flexible tailored options available)


    Price includes:


    Half day as in Half day package above

    Full day 7.30 - 5.00pm  as follows

    Pick up and drop off at accomodation

    Lunch, light snack, juice, tea and coffee

    Education in river ecology and a trout's diet

    Learn to stalk and spot trout

    Learn effective angling approaches to different situations

    Continued casting instruction

    Learn to mend line to create a drag free drift

    Learn to handle trout in a catch and release situation

    Environmental interpretation

    Cultural interpretation

    Digital photos available if requested


    Trips to other Regions


    Trips to other regions including Taupo and the Tongariro river can be arranged and personalised to your needs.


    Fly Casting Tuition


    NZ$60 hourly rate/person, starting with two hours


    Fishing Licence (Additional Cost)


    In NZ you are required to carry a fresh water fishing licence. Cost for a 2017 to 2018 (1st of October to 31st of September) licence is NZ$ 20.00 per day (non resident) or NZ$ 165.00 per season (non resident). This licence covers you for all of NZ except for the Taupo region (Central North Island) where you will need a separate Doc licence. Adam can arrange to get your licence.


    Taking bookings for the 2018/19 fishing season (1st of October to 30th of April) now.

  • Enquiries/bookings

    Feel free to contact us via phone or email

    Taranaki, New Zealand
    027 503 8335 or +64 27503 8335 (from overseas)
  • Accommodation

    Recommended Accommodation

    For more information use the links provided

    Ahu Ahu Beach Villas and Lodge



    King and Queen Hotel Suites

    Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge

  • Fly Fishing Taranaki, New Zealand

    Taranaki rivers are in great condition with less than a month to go before opening season!

    Photos taken on 8/9/2018

    Pocket water and Mount Taranaki in early spring, photo taken 8/9/2018

    Cool clear waters radiate from the slopes of the magnificent Mount Taranaki

    Open season 1st of October

    Attractive water just waiting for an angler! Mount Taranaki

    Guided Fly Fishing Taranaki, New Zealand

    Taking bookings for the 2018/19 season now